How to reduce image size.
Before capture images to use in each program.
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Program Paint.
1. Open image with the Paint. Select the menu Image -> Stretch / skew.
2. Reduce the percentage of image size Stretch both vertical and horizontal to the same.
3. Check the size of the image and the size of the file.
Select Image -> Attributes will determine the size of the file width and height of the image is Pixel.
4. Save the file as a JPG. Select File ---> Save As ... Select Save as type is JPG.

Program photoshop.
1. Open images with the Photoshop. Select the menu Image -> Image size.
2. Set Pixel dimensions. Set Width and Height. In units of pixel.
3. Save the file as a JPG. Select File ---> Save As ... Select Save as type is JPG.

Program Fireworks.
1. Open image with the Fireworks. Choose Modify -> Canvas -> Image Size.
2. Set Pixel dimensions. Set Width and Height. In units of pixel.
3. Save the file as a JPG. Select File ---> Save As ... Select Save as type is JPG.

Reduce Photo Size as an app on Android that helps to reduce the size of our smaller. For use in the event of a limit size or resolution, which this app is easy to use and free.
1. I select from a gallery into one.
2.. Pressed to reduce your image size. It is found that there are many sizes to choose from. Or custom (custom) time.
3. Save files option to save as and choose all the settings in case we want to reduce the quality.
Reduce image size. Online
For save image as. Click the right mouse button on the image. Touch screen on the image for 2 seconds.
Reduce the image size by width:
Percent Compression for jpg,webp :
Reduce the image size by height:
Change the image file extension:
Change the transparency image to png or gif as background color :
If no program above. You can download the google image editor which is free and works with all operating systems OS. Can be downloaded at Now available in 38 languages. Select the photo you will see this screen with your picture in the right pane of Picasa. Click File and then choose Export Picture to Folder. Choose "Resize to:" under the Image Size Options heading. Either use the slider to choose a preset default image width or simply type in your own width as a number. Generally you want to set the JPEG Setting image quality to 80%.
As for the phone, then go to Will have the image resize multiple programs.
The size of the image width is 640 pixel or height 480 pixel.
And percent of the jpg compression is 80-85%.
If file size is not to reduce the height of the image again.


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