Basic Makeup Application Method
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Applying Foundation

  • Begin with applying foundation at 5 points; forehead, nose, both cheeks, and chin.
  • Spread the foundation thoroughly over the face until it is smooth.
  • If this foundation is required, use sponge for spreading. However, if thick covering is required, use fingers for spreading.
  • Method of holding the sponge; use middle finger as a main pressure point to press down sponge so that it touches the face, like spring, spreading foundation thoroughly over the face until it is smooth.

Applying Highlight

  • Applying light foundation around the eyes, and concealer stick by marking a line along the area required to be concealed, or at the point required to be standing out such as under the eyes (concealing dark under-eye circles), bridge of the nose, brow bone, areas between cheek and nose, and chin.
  • Use fingertip (middle finger or ring finger) to spread the cream softly until it is smooth and blend in with the skin.
  • Middle finger or ring finger has soft touch and warmth which will help foundation around the eyes and concealer stick to be able to blend with the foundation. It also helps reduces stained foundation.


  • Applying dark foundation around the eyes and concealer stick at the point required to be concealed such as birthmark, freckle, scar, including the nose in order to highlight the bridge of the nose. Then, use finger to spread until it is smooth.
  • If the face is required to be more slender, mark the foundation around the eyes and concealer stick along the jaw line, side of the nose, chin, or forehead, and then spread it with sponge thoroughly in that areas.
  • Should ensure that shading area does not have any evident stain. If so, spread it until it blends in.

Applying Powder

  • Use puff to touch the powder then press it on the face with middle finger softly.
  • If thin powder is required, use a large-tip brush to touch the powder, tap the brush to get rid of excess powder then brush thoroughly on the face instead of using a puff.
  • After the powder is applied, use the large-tip brush to brush off excess power every time.
  • 2 colors should be used in powder application in order to create dimension on the face making it standing out more, i.e.
  • Use soft or fair colored powder at the middle of the face, or at the point the highlight is applied.
  • Follow by dark or medium colored powder at the edge of the face, or at the point shading is applied.
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Drawing Eyebrows

  • Shape the eyebrows before every drawing.
  • Start at the base and draw to the tip by make sure the base of the eyebrows aligns with base of the eyes. The peak of the eyebrows aligns with the outer edge of the pupil, and the length of the eyebrows should be measured by using a brush aligning from the side of the nose passing the corner of the eyes.
  • Use a mop brush to touch the eye dust that has the same color as the eyebrow pencil and then brush the eyebrow by using lighter color at the base of the eyebrow.
  • Spread until the color of the eyebrow pencil blends with the eye dust as natural as it can be.

Using Eyeliner

  • Start at the lower part from the tip to the middle by drawing as close to the edge of the eye as much as possible.
  • For the upper part, start from the tip to the base of the eye by drawing thicker at the tip.
  • At the tip, draw in V-shape then use the sponge end of the eyeliner to spread the upper part so that it is spread out in order to make the eyes look softer.
  • For the lower part, use the sponge end of the eyeliner to touch the same color eye dust to spread on top again in order to prevent the mixing between them.

Applying Eye Dust

  • Should use 3 colors of eye dust which have the same shade.
  • Apply the lightest color thoroughly onto the eyelid and brow bone, then spread until it is smooth.
  • Then, apply the middle color as the second color at the base of the eye and move towards the middle of the eye, then spread until both colors blend.
  • Finally, apply the darkest color at the corner of the eye then spread it towards the middle until the colors blend until the eyelid has the same color. Don’t let the edge be seen.

Decorating Eyelashes with Mascara

  • Start with curling the eyelashes in 3 steps; at the base, in the middle, and finally at the tip of the eyelashes.
  • Brushing the upper lashes; look down and apply the mascara from the base out. The process is to be repeated again if thicker and curlier lashes are required.
  • Brushing the lower lashes; look up and use the tip of the mascara to brush softly.

Applying Lip Liner

  • Always start with nourishing the lips with sheer lip color in order to add moisture to the lips.
  • Apply Lip Liner by starting at center of the upper lip in a V-shape. Then start from the corner of the mouth towards the tail of the V. Make sure that it is one curved line.
  • For the lower lip, start at the middle of the lip by drawing a U. Then start from the corner of the mouth towards the middle making it a single line.

Applying Lipstick

  • Use a lip brush to touch a lipstick and then brush within the boundary drawn earlier by starting at the bottom corner of the mouth towards the middle of the mouth.
  • Then, apply lipstick on the upper lip by also starting from the corner of the mouth towards the middle of the mouth.
  • Lipstick color should be the same as the lip liner in order to be able to be blended more naturally.
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Adding Colors on the Cheeks

  • Brush powdered cheek blush on the cheeks by brushing diagonally upwards towards the ears to make the color blends naturally.
  • Brush on color must be the same shade with the color on the face.
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