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Oval Face

  • Characteristics
  • Distances from the frontal hairline to eyebrow, from eyebrow to the tip of the nose, and from the tip of the nose to the chin are the same.
  • Forehead is wider than the jaw.
  • Cheekbone tapers into an oval shape towards the chin.
  • Technique
  • Brush cheek blush in parallelogram starting from the middle of the pupil and move diagonally towards the ears.
  • Spread in a curve making the color soft until it reaches the temple and make sure that the color blends well.

Square or Rectangular Face

  • Characteristics
  • The widths of the cheek areas and the forehead are similar.
  • The widths of the forehead and the jaw are similar.
  • Clear jaw lines.
  • Overall face is in square
  • Rectangular face would have the length greater than the width.
  • Technique
  • Apply the foundation as usual.
  • In order to make the forehead looks narrower into an oval shape, apply dark color foundation thoroughly at the temple and spread until it is smooth.
  • In order to make the jaw looks narrower, apply dark color foundation thoroughly at both jaws and spread until it is smooth.
  • Apply cheek blush at the middle of the cheek, spreading it until it reaches the temple for square face, and spread until it reaches the middle of the ears for rectangular face.

Round Face

  • Characteristics
  • The width of the face is the same.
  • Short forehead.
  • Wide cheeks.
  • Round, circular face down to the jaw line.
  • Technique
  • Apply foundation as usual.
  • Use dark color foundation along the curve of both temples.
  • hide both jaws up to the tip of the ears in order to reduce the roundness of this area by applying foundation that has darker color than the skin.
  • Brush the cheeks by starting from the triangular base paralleled to the ear and then brush the sharp end towards the middle of the cheeks. Spread until it is smooth.

Heart Shaped Face

  • Characteristics
  • Forehead is the widest part of the face.
  • Face tapers down to the cheeks and then gradually become narrower at the chin. Sometimes the chin looks pointed.
  • Jaw line is not prominent.
  • Technique
  • Apply foundation as usual.
  • Use foundation that is darker than skin color. Apply it on both temples.
  • Emphasize on both jaws by use foundation that is lighter than skin color.
  • Brushing the cheek starts from the triangular base at the cheek bone and then brushes the pointed end diagonally towards the hair line to make it blends.
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Diamond Shaped Face

  • Characteristics
  • Narrow forehead
  • slender chin
  • and cheeks are wider than the jaws.
  • Technique
  • Apply foundation as usual.
  • Use light color foundation in both corners of the forehead.
  • Apply light color foundation at both jaws as well.
  • Brushing the cheek starts from the triangular base parallel with the ears. Brush the pointed end until it reaches the cheek bone.
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